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Harvey Strip Maps
These strip guides are excellent. If you do not intend to deviate too far from the route these are the ones for you !
The scale is 1:40,000 and the hard wearing guides will last the journey very well.

Coast to Coast (West): St Bees to Keld
Coast to Coast (West): St Bees to Keld (Route Maps) - Click here

Coast to Coast (East): Keld to Robin Hood's Bay
Coast to Coast (East): Keld to Robin Hood's Bay (Route Maps) - Click here

OS Landranger Maps (£5.59 each approx.)

If you are likely to deviate from the main route then the landranger series of maps is recommended. These 1:50,000 scale maps are very good but you will need 8 of them to cover the whole route. Maybe buy an OS map to cover just the areas where you intend to deviate and stick to the Harvey Strip maps for the usual route.


- OS 89 West Cumbria- active map
- OS 90 Penrith & Keswick - active map
- OS 91 Appleby in Westmorland - active map
- OS 92 Barnard Castle & Richmond - active map
- OS 93 Middlesbrough, Darl'ton Hartlepool)- active map
- OS 94 Whitby & Esk Dale - active map
- OS 98 Wensleydale & Upper Wharfdale - active map
- OS 99 Northallerton & Ripon - active map

I used to recommend buying maps direct from Ordnance Survey, however, Amazon sell them cheaper (quite how I don't know!)

Here is the link to the Ordnance Survey - CLICK HERE for the OS Website - So you can compare prices.

all the maps

Active Maps

Active Maps are an encapsulated product that is tough, durable and weatherproof and covers every part of England, Scotland and Wales. The maps are covered in a lightweight protective plastic coating that can be written on, so your favourite routes can be easily highlighted. (Use a washable ink.)


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