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The Coast To Coast - Britain's finest long distance walk (ws)
from St Bees Head to Robin Hoods Bay

Welcome to our guide to walking the coast to coast footpath - Englands most popular long distance route.

Alfred Wainwright devised the route from several different paths crossing the country. He didn't intend for the route to be followed precisely so an important part for any 'Coast To Coaster' is to plan a route you will enjoy taking which takes in all the sites you want to see (and for those who prefer low level walks - avoids the mountain areas in the Lakes). These pages will allow you to find all the relevant books and maps you will need as well as finding the right accommodation to get you from coast to coast.

This route was substantially featured throughout the winter of 2005/2006 in Country Walking magazine. They covered the route and discussed various places to stay, hazards etc. along the route.

BBC Television Series - Wainwrights walks with Julia Bradbury
Julia Bradbury's exploits while walking the Coast To Coast are a fascinating documentary shown 20 years after Wainwrights own BBC guide was shown.

Televised over the course of 2008/2009 Julia covers the entire route walking from East To West. The airial filming of the route and stops at various places of interest make this an excellent addition to any Coast To Coasters media collection.


  superb views

Highly recommended... the book shown on the right... Wainwrights very own guide
to the Coast To Coast

About the walk, resources and coast to coast information

robinhoods bay
Robin Hoods Bay

Note : Firms exist who will carry your luggage for you dropping it off at your evenings destination for you. Thus enabling you to carry a day sack and relax along the route.

So you have decided to do the walk. One of the best scenic walks in the world, taking in three national parks and some of the best scenery in the British Isles.

The entire walk is on rights of way and access land with scenery of such variety your journey will be one you remember for the rest of your life.

The walk passes through three National Parks. The links to which are found to the right of this text. These are some of the most beautiful areas in the British Isles. The Lake District being the most vertically challenging allows the walker to rearrange the route to avoid the steeper mountainous areas if so desired.

The biggest problem you will have is finding the accommodation to allow you to complete the walk without having to deviate too far from your planned route. This is much easier said than done and we advise you to book accommodation as soon as you decide upon doing the walk.

The Coast to Coast National Parks

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If you are a beginner to long distance walking I suggest you check out our equipment section where I have explained all the gear we bring with us, how useful it is and how not to overpack!! You will need lightweight waterproofs and definately something to keep you warm. Even on summer days the moors can be very chilly.

My suggestion for maps is to use 1:25,000 scale ordnance survey maps or routecards. Although routecards are slightly restrictive in area covered as long as you stick to the route agreed you should have no problems.

I hope you find this website of some use and my tips helpful to make your journey a memorable one for years to come,




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